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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm back!

Hey Pantea,

I got back from my holidays in Crete on Sunday! I would have updated sooner, but I've had to enroll in the college and sort out my results in the last couple of days. I got my exam results, and luckily I did really well! I passed everything well and have got all the grades I need! I enrolled in the college yesterday and am starting next week.

Cinema? Sounds fun! Me and my friends go whenever we can! I love the cinema, there's something really lovely about watching a great film on the big screen. I haven't been for a while though. The last thing I saw was the second 'pirates of the caribbean' and that was months ago!

I know what you mean about the heat.... well did last week, It was SO hot in Greece, I'm really pale and I burn easily so I couldn't go outside unless I had factor 50 sunscreen on! The heat was so bad though that I just stayed in the bars and the hotel rooms in the days because they had air conditioning. If I stayed in the heat too long i really started to feel sick. It was beautiful though. The picture (If It uploaded) Is the veiw from our apartment. The food was amazing too! We went out every night for a meal and it was so much fun! The sea was beautiful, it was so clear and blue! There were palmtrees growing and evrything! I'd never seen them before.

The heat spell in England is over though. Its rainy and cold as per usual. But I was so hot there that i was glad to get back to the cold. For some reason I like the rain, I think it's really beautiful, I stand out in it for hours! Unfortunatly today that resulted in me getting a horrible cold, so i'm writing this wrapped up in a blanket and sneezing!

Hope you're well!

From Sophie xxx

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