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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back again!

Hey Pantea

Sorry it's taken me so long again, the week's been chaotic! It was my first day of college today. It was pretty good but we were in this REALLY long assembly that went on for 3 hours! It was incredibly boring as well and I almost fell asleep half way through! Yesterday was fun though. A couple of my friendscame round unexpectedly and we went out to eat. It was fun.

Glad to hear you like the beach! I love it, but I can't stand it when it gets too hot. I know what you mean about the fish as well. I greece they would show you the fish alive before you ate it and I always felt so guilty. I'm like that about all animals really, i mean i'm not an animal freak but I don't like seeing them get hurt. I was a vegetarian for two years but i ended up getting sick because i didn't have enough iron .

I don't have a uniform for college but you have to dress smartly, I'm happy you like yours! I couldn't stand my old uniform.

I hope you're well

From Sophie

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