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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Hi Sophie!!!

How are you???

these hours i have a very strange feeling...a very heavy one...

My math classes are over now, I’m back from home now, we had an exam this morning. I thought the exam would be harder, but it was okay! Now I have so much time to do my favourite things, of course much more time to read, to think about some things, and to deal with some things…
Before summer I wanted to do a huge researching about religions but actually I’m reading only the philosophical books by the philosophers in the last century. Now I’m reading a book by Bochenski (I love his name!), he can explain hard topics with simple words so well but I don’t agree with him really…(who cares really!)

My mom is too tidy too! Ha ha! No one in my family is messy, even my relatives are tidy! (God knows why i'm messy!) so they have to deal with it so intolerantly...!

I'm going to change my room, no one would help me but i will do it! I promised myself and i'm going to do it, i think 'my room' is a very important place, a very important role in my life! Don’t you think so? Your room is you. Your room describes you, and you describe your room. Your room is your world…and no one can understand…it’s your own room, your freedom…

japanese pop? Wow sounds amazing! i'd love to listen to some! Oh I like those german heavy metals ! the taste of this music is so strange! But sometimes I see it’s really a part of human being, maybe the weirdest and most complicated part! My brother braught a horrible metal CD from Romania, it’s really strange to call it “music”.

wow you went to Green Day concert? it's wonderful really...!

Have a great day...

hope to hear from you soon


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