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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


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Monday, October 09, 2006


Hey Sophie!!!

How are things with you?!

I’m having busy but good days. I had a cold which I liked! But now I’m fine.
In this month ,Ramezan, as you know, Muslims fast, to be honest, this year is the first year I understand its meaning really deeply. Everyone avoids eating, drinking, lying, and doing any sin or bad things only for God. I think nothing is as beautiful as being pure and honest for a month in a year, in a religion. It shows such a strong faith...
The word Ramezan means “Burning”. Burning the sins, and become innocent. So you throw away all the sins, and become innocent. It’s great you have this chance every year. I feel like Ramezan was in our culture, not in Islam. I do it like a tradition from my childhood, from where I am. It’s totally cool…

In school, they give us a lot of homework, what I never get used to. Though, my mom says in primary school I loved doing homework! It’s not nice to remember really… but my new school has many good teachers, students and a big great library. Although the teacher who works in the library doesn’t know much about the books, I have found any books I wanted or needed.
I’ve heard, it even has some books which are banned. I love our library!

The weather is hopelessly hot! The mornings are incredible, it’s cool and cloudy, but during the day, it’s like the summer! and the nights are's the weather there?!

Hope to hear from you soon!
All the best,


P.S: this building is our school! =D

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Fall is arriving with its usual weird magnificence, this week, here, the weather, the nature, and also the atmosphere, everywhere partly was summer, partly was fall.
And me myself, I’m partly summer, partly fall. =D

We have our first cloudy days after a while! Monday when i woke up, i saw huge grey clouds in the sky, i became so happy to see them! I miss the rain very very much. Today is sunny but i'm so cold...

My first school day is going to be on Saturday. Though, I read everywhere, that it may be Sunday because of the air pollution. Anyway… Guess what is our first subject? Mathematic! And then it’s Arabic...I’d really nag about them…

but in fact i'm very happy about Saturday!

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Hi Sophie!

How are things with you?
for me, they are okay but fast...minutes and hours fly, i start to do a thing and before i realize, it's dark outside, and i fall asleep and then the next day comes even faster...

Today was a busy full day! I was cleaning (better to say washing) my room. Washing the walls, the floor, and all the stuff. I loved it! I could feel the fragrance of fall in my room, in the sky and in myself. my family was shocked to see me doing these things after a year not cleaning my room.

what is your favourite season? i have none...i love all. i think one of the most attractive things in the nature is the seasons. they come and go, and they come again. they go again. and they repeat and still they are beautiful, they are different and they are unique. we can smell them, we can feel them and we can touch them, finally we can let them go, and the next season comes. and it's just VERY different. I adore this changing. the nature is undescribable!
what do you think about nature?
my idea is just saying nothing. words are poor to describe this magical holy gift, and i think sometimes, just looking at the sky is VERY more precious than writing deeply only using these weak words. i love trees, i love trees very much. do you?

Hope to hear from you soon

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back again!

Hey Pantea

Sorry it's taken me so long again, the week's been chaotic! It was my first day of college today. It was pretty good but we were in this REALLY long assembly that went on for 3 hours! It was incredibly boring as well and I almost fell asleep half way through! Yesterday was fun though. A couple of my friendscame round unexpectedly and we went out to eat. It was fun.

Glad to hear you like the beach! I love it, but I can't stand it when it gets too hot. I know what you mean about the fish as well. I greece they would show you the fish alive before you ate it and I always felt so guilty. I'm like that about all animals really, i mean i'm not an animal freak but I don't like seeing them get hurt. I was a vegetarian for two years but i ended up getting sick because i didn't have enough iron .

I don't have a uniform for college but you have to dress smartly, I'm happy you like yours! I couldn't stand my old uniform.

I hope you're well

From Sophie

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sorry for the laziness

Hi Sophie!

Happy to hear about your exam results! that's very great really, well done!

So cool you enjoyed your sea? I really love sea! I miss it very much. Last time we went to sea, was two years ago. My brother always liked to walk along the sea, for a very long time. I just liked to stare at it, and my cousin always searched for a ball so we can play together, like little children! we always had many balls but all of them had a hole on them! we could play for hours until the sunset, night and then the families (my uncle's) would come and we had the dinner in a restaurant nearby. we had dinners! do you like fish? I HATE fish! first it makes me feel terrible thinking about killing these poor creatures just to eat's very cruel to see how they die...and they also smell! the awful thing is that, each time we (THEY) ordered fish, there was a small pool nearby and a man would go and take a fish ALIVE and just 15 minutes later, the fish was on our table! my uncle always forced us to eat was horrible! anyway, did you take any picture of the sea? i'd love to see some...!

gee, you have rain over there? awww how beautiful! these days, i long for cold days very much, demanding we have still hot days...poorly! oh it's nice you like rain...i love rain. who doesn't?

now, i'm waiting for school! that's strange, i'm almost happy about the end of this summer. you know, i had many programs to do in this summer. there were some classes and places i liked to go...there were some things i liked to learn but my father didnt like them, it doesn't matter really, it's just as well i had so much time to think and read. now i think i'm entering a new step, a new chapter of my life, and i'm really ready! Ready to do my best. Ready to see and ready to go! yesterday i was looking at my new uniform, i love it!

you have a cold? oh it's awful! drink a lot of orange juice and rest (like moms!) although for me having cold is a funny time...

take care!

and get well soon!


P.S: the picture didn't upload!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm back!

Hey Pantea,

I got back from my holidays in Crete on Sunday! I would have updated sooner, but I've had to enroll in the college and sort out my results in the last couple of days. I got my exam results, and luckily I did really well! I passed everything well and have got all the grades I need! I enrolled in the college yesterday and am starting next week.

Cinema? Sounds fun! Me and my friends go whenever we can! I love the cinema, there's something really lovely about watching a great film on the big screen. I haven't been for a while though. The last thing I saw was the second 'pirates of the caribbean' and that was months ago!

I know what you mean about the heat.... well did last week, It was SO hot in Greece, I'm really pale and I burn easily so I couldn't go outside unless I had factor 50 sunscreen on! The heat was so bad though that I just stayed in the bars and the hotel rooms in the days because they had air conditioning. If I stayed in the heat too long i really started to feel sick. It was beautiful though. The picture (If It uploaded) Is the veiw from our apartment. The food was amazing too! We went out every night for a meal and it was so much fun! The sea was beautiful, it was so clear and blue! There were palmtrees growing and evrything! I'd never seen them before.

The heat spell in England is over though. Its rainy and cold as per usual. But I was so hot there that i was glad to get back to the cold. For some reason I like the rain, I think it's really beautiful, I stand out in it for hours! Unfortunatly today that resulted in me getting a horrible cold, so i'm writing this wrapped up in a blanket and sneezing!

Hope you're well!

From Sophie xxx

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Hey Sophie!

What are things like?

I hope you're doing well.
Here, the weather became really better but still hot. I think this cruel heat gives me a non stop headache. And miserably, sleepless nights and days full of tiredness. I can’t find any other reasons about that. I spend the entire week home and just read. It’s enjoyable to see you have many hours just to comfort and read.

School will begin in 3 weeks for me! It gives me a hodgepodge of happy and sad thoughts. I love my new school so I feel very happy to know more about it. But school is school! It means boring classes … logical teachers…and busy days, you know!

Some days ago, my mom and I went to the movies. There was a very good movie "In the name of the father". Don't mix it up with that Gerry Conlon. this is a Persion movie directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia, i think it was the first movie by him I really really liked. We rarely go to the cinema, so It was really nice for me!

Hope to hear from you soon,


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