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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Monday, July 31, 2006


Hey Pantea

How are you?

Sorry (again) for my lateness. I've been really busy all week and haven't been at home atall! I stayed round 3 friend's houses in a row (!) so i haven't slept for a very long time! The weather here? Believe it or not it is absolutly boiling in normally rainy, freezing britain! It's way too hot! I'm so pale that I only have to go out into the sun for half an hour and I start burning!

Hehe. Your school sounds like fun with so many clubs! We need some more over here! But there is ALOT to do in London, the other day we went ice-skating and the day before we went rowing (!) I almost fell overboard twice. I am so clumsy.

This week I'm in all the time, I have to look after my little sister Aoife, she just got off on holidays as well. She's 11 and just about to go to secondary school. I still think she's too small to go though! She's tiny and blond, the complete oposite of me who is very tall and dark haired! Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have just the one but she's more that enough!

Are you going anywhere this summer? Me and the family are going to Crete for a couple of weeks with some of our friends. I spent nearly all of yesterday buying swimsuits for the trip! I spent so much money! But I have been saving up all year. We never really had enough money to go on holidays abroad before, we usually went camping in Britain or stayed with relatives in Ireland. I can't wait!

Hope to hear from you soon


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Monday, July 24, 2006

Dear Sophie,

I'm going to leave for the english classes about some minutes, I'm so tired these days too! Even though I try to be very happy, there is a very unpleased atmosphere here. Never mind really, but I myself have a very strange feeling...

I love my new school! But you know, I miss nagging about school!

I don't think we will move in, I really don't know...we had a very bad, really bad arguement about this, i don't really understand, you know, we saw a very amazing house, it was incredible! I loved it, I already chose my room, and it had too many plants, and they had NO one...we were on the way to move in, but i don't know, everything changed! It doesn't matter...we always have arguements, this one was somehow different!

Oh yeah our school is really great! It has so many clubs! It even has Sepak Takraw which makes me laugh! My father thinks we learn how to defend in Kung Fu classes but it's more like some special fast movements with a little beauty. But totally, it's so funny!

How is the weather there? Here it's sunny and hot, but still much better than last week, we have had terrible warm days, i am happy they are over, even though it IS still hot!

Okay, I really have to go...

Warm wishes,


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Friday, July 21, 2006


Hey Pantea,

Glad to hear you're well. I'm so tired today! Even though I've been off school for 5 weeks, my little sister still has to go for the next couple of days. She came into my room at 6 in the morning and I've been up since! She is so annoying sometimes! I'm extremly lazy so I don't usually get up until abou 1 o'clock in the holidays.

Wow, that book shop sounds amazing! We have one a bot like that here. It has 5 floors just full of books and a coffee shop upstairs! I love it! You can buy all the weirdest books there. Some of the shops here are so big. It's probably because we lve in the capital though. There's a clothes shop in central London that's so big I can never find my way out!

Kung Fu? Sound's great! I really want to do a martial art, I used to do some Judo as a kid, but I haven't been able to get back into it. Do you do it at school? Our school never really offered very good clubs! Your school sounds really intresting. I did the same thing in my mock paper for maths last year, but I missed out 5 pages! There was a blank page sepearting the last section and I thought it was the end of the test! I felt so stupid (haha!)

And you're moving house too? You sound really busy! I hope your new home is really nice! I'll try and post the pictures soon, but my friend olja needs to send them to me first. She is so forgetful!

I hope you're well


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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hey! =D Sorry for the wait again...

Dear Sophie!

Sorry for the wait too! I read your post on Saturday and I said okay, I will reply after a drink, but it took more time than a 'drink'! Oh my computer exploded once too, and i must confess I had a terrible time being not able check e-mails, or whatever. So I truly understand!

I'm fine! Things are great for me!

This is certainly the most enjoyable to get lost with friends! It must be amazing! Haha! I'm happy you had such a good time! Window shopping is nice, it really depends on the shops, I hate those clothing stores, but I love those shops which sell amazing beautiful stuff which some people call "useless" things in life! I adore bookshops! We have a huge bookshop nearby "Book City", it has a lot of nice but really expensive stuff AND books. I don't like those stuff, they are for those rich people...if you want to buy some of them, then it must be once a year or so...anyway wow! I can be there for 3 hours walking and smell all those amazing books, from amazing, or absurd poetries to some special medical books! And the people there are very interesting too, you can see all kinds of people come, you can be FREE there...and you want to fly...oh i love there!

I had 3 math classes and a Kung Fu class (Isn't it funny?), I love my new school! We had our midterm exam today, and I actually wrote everything well and gave it to the teacher happily, but soon, I realized I missed a question and it was 2 points! TWO points! Anyway, I am glad I have only 6 classes rest...

We are going to move in, I am so happy! you know? I can have a new room and of course a new landlord! I'm going to have a new desk, and more important, a new bookcase which is really amazing!!! I imagine my new room with a thousand of plants...

I'd love to see your pictures!

Best wishes for you,


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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another system faliure! sorry for the wait!

Hey Pantea

As the title says: Another system faliure! My computer's been out for a week! It actually exploded! The fan stopped and the chip overheated and..... BANG!. It's been horrible I couldn't check my emails or anything! We really need to update this old PC, me and my dad built it from scratch a few years ago but now its getting old and crashes every 5 minutes! So sorry for the wait. How are you?

I've had a pretty hectic week, I haven't been in atall. First I had my college induction day, which was pretty good, the teachers all seem very nice but on the downside I got a hell of a lot of homework! Ah well, I'm probably going to get even more next year!

I had more rehersals and everything, the show was supposed to be on Sunday, but the drama teacher had a car crash and broke her leg so we're not doing it until September! It's not too bad though, because we were really unprepared and now we've got more time to rehearse.

Bowling was fun, I went with my friends Olja, Katie and Cassie. I was definatly the worst bowler! I didn't even get one strike, I'm not a very sporty person. I went out with them again the other day, shopping (suprise suprise) we do alot of shopping (but never have alot of money so it's mostly window shopping.) I dyed my hair (again, I don't even know what colour it really is) it's a sort of dark red now. My friends are complete nutters! We always end up doing the maddest things or getting lost in the weirdest places. Lol, I'll post some pictures as soon as I get sent them.

Hope to hear from you soon


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Monday, July 03, 2006

Dear Sophie,

Here, everything is nice and I’m doing well, thanks! We don’t have summer school here too, our school is almost a good one here, so it has a lot of classes, like math classes. And because my father is a little strict about me, so I go to these math classes which I must confess are useful for my future. You know, here we have an entrance exam for universities. Unless they want to quit studying in high school, almost everyone will concentrate on this exam. Though I think I am really lazy to think about such a thing from now…

Wow girl £30,000 a year? This is unbelievable! I didn’t know it’s this posh! I mean who can pay such much money? I honestly didn’t know it can be this much…
But it’s very interesting to know about the schools there.

So you don’t have a religion? Not having a religion doesn’t mean not believing in God, because a religion isn’t I think only Christianity, Islam or Jew. “Religion” is a very very complicated but deep thing that I must confess I still need years to understand each religion’s philosophy. I love philisophical debates too! I’m scared of my weak English! Last year I read a lot about religion, what a ‘religion’ is in your mind? In our books, we read it’s a way God tell us to pass, but I think religion is a way to reach God, everyone has its own way, it can be any way, but when you’ll reach that way, then you can’t go in any way you want, you’ll have to walk in its special unique way. And the way is like, the distance you go deeper, is the distance it becomes deeper. And is also the distance you become deeper.

Oh that show sounds a little scary! I just can pray (I’m sure it works!) for you that it won’t be as bad as you think! Especially that dance, the teacher seems scary to me!

Bowling with friends…it’s an amazing thing! How great friends are…wow you must post pictures, yeah! I can’t wait for them! Maybe we'll go on a short trip to north about some weeks, in fact, it's a year we want to go, god knows, but if we will, i'll send you some pictures of our beautiful north...

Take care,
Best wishes,


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Hey Pantea

How are you?

Extra maths in the summer? Ekk! I mean I like maths but I'm super lazy over the summer :-P We don't really have like summer schools over here. Hope you're enjoying it though.

Don't worry I don't go to one of those super posh £30,000 a year Enid-Blyton-esque girl's schools. It's just a regular school, we have a mix of single sex and mixed schools over here. It acepts anyone as long as they live nearby, we don't have to take an exam or pay for it or anything. I live in East London, it's pretty rough so you don't get many of the posh schools!

Hehe, well I am very philisophical, so if you want any philisophical conversations, feel free! I used to annoy the hell out of my religious education class, because I was the only one without a religion!

I've had such a busy weekend with all the rehersals for our show next week. I'm worried that there's only going to be two people there, as loads of people quit in the last couple of weeks. The dance co-ordinator is going insane beacause we haven't learnt everything yet! She used to be my ballet teacher, and she's so strict! She used to like force us into the splits and crazy stuff like that! I swear, its the worst theatre company in the world! This is my last year though!

I love dramas aswell, my favourite drama of all time is American Beauty. God, that's a weird film, I love any film that can make me cry at the end. I'm busy all week as well! (Honestly, I thought I was going to relax in the holidays!) I'm going bowling tomorrow with some of my friends. I'll need to post some pictures of us all at some point. They all think it's really cool that I'm doing this blog thing. I'm having loads of fun with it! Like you said, it feels like we're friends already.

Talk to ya soon.


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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sorry for the wait too!

Dear Sophie,

I must excuse you because of my late post, I’m such a bad friend. I think we’re friends already. I went to school today, oh yeah math classes in summer!!! I was such a shy and foolish girl, I think it’s going to be better soon! I mean it was amazing for the first day…

Wow girl, you go to those kinds of schools? You know here we have two kind of schools, for boys or girls. It’s not like there; we have NO school with boys and girls both. I’ve heard some schools are like this over there too, those rich schools? Is this school one of those amazing but strict schools in England? I’m kinda excited to know more about your school and stuff there! You know? We will wear navy blue very soon! My last school had bottle green uniforms! Haha!

Thanks for your Congratulations! Thanks, I am very happy yeah! Oh I started yesterday! The classes were good till now except the English classes which were somehow childish. Anyway I loved it there…

Quentin Tarantino is awesome! Indeed! Uhm, Maybe I like those touching drama films, I don’t know, maybe the true stories, or any good kinad movie. I am very fond of the films about great men, maybe…I think the most famous can be Braveheart, or Peter Vier movies are awesome. I also like some Clint Eastwood works, maybe some amazing directors like (let me check the spelling) yeah Jessie Nelson or Vincent Ward … Frank Darabont ...

Haha! I swear when first Mrs. Inge told me about a partner Sophie, I thought about a philosophical friend! Haha! philosophy gym? Sounds like a cool name! Who’s the writer? I am now reading a book, by a german writer, Heinrich Boll. (It’s not philisophical!)

induction day for college…? Wow, I wish you all the best!

I must go now…
Waiting for you,


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