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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm back!

Hey Pantea,

I got back from my holidays in Crete on Sunday! I would have updated sooner, but I've had to enroll in the college and sort out my results in the last couple of days. I got my exam results, and luckily I did really well! I passed everything well and have got all the grades I need! I enrolled in the college yesterday and am starting next week.

Cinema? Sounds fun! Me and my friends go whenever we can! I love the cinema, there's something really lovely about watching a great film on the big screen. I haven't been for a while though. The last thing I saw was the second 'pirates of the caribbean' and that was months ago!

I know what you mean about the heat.... well did last week, It was SO hot in Greece, I'm really pale and I burn easily so I couldn't go outside unless I had factor 50 sunscreen on! The heat was so bad though that I just stayed in the bars and the hotel rooms in the days because they had air conditioning. If I stayed in the heat too long i really started to feel sick. It was beautiful though. The picture (If It uploaded) Is the veiw from our apartment. The food was amazing too! We went out every night for a meal and it was so much fun! The sea was beautiful, it was so clear and blue! There were palmtrees growing and evrything! I'd never seen them before.

The heat spell in England is over though. Its rainy and cold as per usual. But I was so hot there that i was glad to get back to the cold. For some reason I like the rain, I think it's really beautiful, I stand out in it for hours! Unfortunatly today that resulted in me getting a horrible cold, so i'm writing this wrapped up in a blanket and sneezing!

Hope you're well!

From Sophie xxx

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Hey Sophie!

What are things like?

I hope you're doing well.
Here, the weather became really better but still hot. I think this cruel heat gives me a non stop headache. And miserably, sleepless nights and days full of tiredness. I can’t find any other reasons about that. I spend the entire week home and just read. It’s enjoyable to see you have many hours just to comfort and read.

School will begin in 3 weeks for me! It gives me a hodgepodge of happy and sad thoughts. I love my new school so I feel very happy to know more about it. But school is school! It means boring classes … logical teachers…and busy days, you know!

Some days ago, my mom and I went to the movies. There was a very good movie "In the name of the father". Don't mix it up with that Gerry Conlon. this is a Persion movie directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia, i think it was the first movie by him I really really liked. We rarely go to the cinema, so It was really nice for me!

Hope to hear from you soon,


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Sunday, August 06, 2006


Hi Sophie!!!

How are you???

these hours i have a very strange feeling...a very heavy one...

My math classes are over now, I’m back from home now, we had an exam this morning. I thought the exam would be harder, but it was okay! Now I have so much time to do my favourite things, of course much more time to read, to think about some things, and to deal with some things…
Before summer I wanted to do a huge researching about religions but actually I’m reading only the philosophical books by the philosophers in the last century. Now I’m reading a book by Bochenski (I love his name!), he can explain hard topics with simple words so well but I don’t agree with him really…(who cares really!)

My mom is too tidy too! Ha ha! No one in my family is messy, even my relatives are tidy! (God knows why i'm messy!) so they have to deal with it so intolerantly...!

I'm going to change my room, no one would help me but i will do it! I promised myself and i'm going to do it, i think 'my room' is a very important place, a very important role in my life! Don’t you think so? Your room is you. Your room describes you, and you describe your room. Your room is your world…and no one can understand…it’s your own room, your freedom…

japanese pop? Wow sounds amazing! i'd love to listen to some! Oh I like those german heavy metals ! the taste of this music is so strange! But sometimes I see it’s really a part of human being, maybe the weirdest and most complicated part! My brother braught a horrible metal CD from Romania, it’s really strange to call it “music”.

wow you went to Green Day concert? it's wonderful really...!

Have a great day...

hope to hear from you soon


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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hey... again!

Hey Pantea

Good to hear that you're well.

Ha! I know what you mean about having a lazy week, I'm supposed to be doing college stuff but I haven't got off the computer all week! I know what you mean about having a messy room too! I have to practically swim through piles of clothes and books to get anywhere in mine! Mum was going psyco over it! She's a complete clean freak and has to have everything exactly tidy. She's just headed off to Ireland for the weekend beacuse it's her mum's (my granny's) 80th birthday. I only go to ireland every other year, but I really love it there! I mean, it rains all the time and stuff, but I get to see all my relatives who are so much fun!

The North of Iran sounds amazing! Wow, I wish we had somewhere like that over here! If I want jungles I have to get on a plane for 8 hours! I want to travel alot someday when I'm older (and have money!) We're off to Crete next Friday, I'm really excited, but nervous because as soon as I get back the exam results are out.

Music? I love music! Hehe. I pretty much listen to every type of music that they're is. I like classical music, but I don't really listen to it as much. I used to play the oboe, so I did alot of Hinke and stuff which was alright. my favourite classical song is probably Pacabells Cannon. In central London, there's a place called Covent Garden where they have alot of buskers and street performers. There's a beautiful string quartet there who play the Cannon so I've always loved it.

I am a bit of a music addict really. I never turn my MP3 player off! When i say I'll listen to anything, I really will. I listen to some crazy stuff from all over the world from japanese pop to german heavy metal! My favourite sort of music is rock though. My dad is an even bigger music fan than me and he's always playing old rock songs by bands like Pink Floyd and Led Zeplin. I love going to concerts. I've only been to a few, but my favourites so far were the 'Dresden Dolls', who are a punk-cabaret band with a drummer and a pianist (very weird.) who I saw in May.

Last year I was lucky enough to get tickets to see 'Green Day.' The concert was insane! There were 65,000 people there! it was the biggest concert I ever went to! Usually I go to little gigs with a couple of hundred people there.

Anyway, I hope you're having a good time.

From Sophie

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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Hi Sophie!

I am very fine! I was pretty lazy this week, almost in doing everything...

such as posting here!

I have many things to do, I promised myself to study english and french everyday...but i wasted my time all this week...i havn't done my homeworks, and I studied nothing for the exam on Sunday...woooh, i have 2 days ... but i wanted to study 'every' thing, but let's do it tomorrow...
(i'm always like this!).

My room is a beautiful mess too! I really like this kind of can't walk easily, you can't find anything and it's somehow weird. it's hard to explain, but some messy rooms are boring...!! But really, one of the hardest thing in the world is keeping a room neat for more than a day!

Yeah! I have two brothers!! My big brother is 22 and my little brother is only 2! I myself don't think I'm a good sister! haha! My brother and I are opposite too, he's so tall and thin, but i'm so shorter...and i get fatter everyday...! (sometimes he really eats a lot and he's still so thin!!)

Wow cool! I love trips! I wish you'll have a great time there...well no, we won't go on any trip this summer. you don't know how much i want to be in the north of Iran even for an hour...oh North of Iran is so beautiful!!! the weather is so cool...and there is a beautiful deep sea there! has so many amazing jungles! I love the trees there...i love the smell of the special air all over the north...we always go there with my uncle! And it's toooooooo enjoyable! but the last time we went there was more than 2 years ago...

Do you like music? I love it! it's about 6 months i only listen to classical and some old favourite songs...what is your favourite classical music? I adore Chopin!! his songs are truly undescribable...
then i like Beethoven and maybe Bach.

Best wishes,


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