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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Hey Sophie!

What are things like?

I hope you're doing well.
Here, the weather became really better but still hot. I think this cruel heat gives me a non stop headache. And miserably, sleepless nights and days full of tiredness. I can’t find any other reasons about that. I spend the entire week home and just read. It’s enjoyable to see you have many hours just to comfort and read.

School will begin in 3 weeks for me! It gives me a hodgepodge of happy and sad thoughts. I love my new school so I feel very happy to know more about it. But school is school! It means boring classes … logical teachers…and busy days, you know!

Some days ago, my mom and I went to the movies. There was a very good movie "In the name of the father". Don't mix it up with that Gerry Conlon. this is a Persion movie directed by Ebrahim Hatamikia, i think it was the first movie by him I really really liked. We rarely go to the cinema, so It was really nice for me!

Hope to hear from you soon,


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