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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Monday, October 09, 2006


Hey Sophie!!!

How are things with you?!

I’m having busy but good days. I had a cold which I liked! But now I’m fine.
In this month ,Ramezan, as you know, Muslims fast, to be honest, this year is the first year I understand its meaning really deeply. Everyone avoids eating, drinking, lying, and doing any sin or bad things only for God. I think nothing is as beautiful as being pure and honest for a month in a year, in a religion. It shows such a strong faith...
The word Ramezan means “Burning”. Burning the sins, and become innocent. So you throw away all the sins, and become innocent. It’s great you have this chance every year. I feel like Ramezan was in our culture, not in Islam. I do it like a tradition from my childhood, from where I am. It’s totally cool…

In school, they give us a lot of homework, what I never get used to. Though, my mom says in primary school I loved doing homework! It’s not nice to remember really… but my new school has many good teachers, students and a big great library. Although the teacher who works in the library doesn’t know much about the books, I have found any books I wanted or needed.
I’ve heard, it even has some books which are banned. I love our library!

The weather is hopelessly hot! The mornings are incredible, it’s cool and cloudy, but during the day, it’s like the summer! and the nights are's the weather there?!

Hope to hear from you soon!
All the best,


P.S: this building is our school! =D

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