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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sorry for the laziness

Hi Sophie!

Happy to hear about your exam results! that's very great really, well done!

So cool you enjoyed your sea? I really love sea! I miss it very much. Last time we went to sea, was two years ago. My brother always liked to walk along the sea, for a very long time. I just liked to stare at it, and my cousin always searched for a ball so we can play together, like little children! we always had many balls but all of them had a hole on them! we could play for hours until the sunset, night and then the families (my uncle's) would come and we had the dinner in a restaurant nearby. we had dinners! do you like fish? I HATE fish! first it makes me feel terrible thinking about killing these poor creatures just to eat's very cruel to see how they die...and they also smell! the awful thing is that, each time we (THEY) ordered fish, there was a small pool nearby and a man would go and take a fish ALIVE and just 15 minutes later, the fish was on our table! my uncle always forced us to eat was horrible! anyway, did you take any picture of the sea? i'd love to see some...!

gee, you have rain over there? awww how beautiful! these days, i long for cold days very much, demanding we have still hot days...poorly! oh it's nice you like rain...i love rain. who doesn't?

now, i'm waiting for school! that's strange, i'm almost happy about the end of this summer. you know, i had many programs to do in this summer. there were some classes and places i liked to go...there were some things i liked to learn but my father didnt like them, it doesn't matter really, it's just as well i had so much time to think and read. now i think i'm entering a new step, a new chapter of my life, and i'm really ready! Ready to do my best. Ready to see and ready to go! yesterday i was looking at my new uniform, i love it!

you have a cold? oh it's awful! drink a lot of orange juice and rest (like moms!) although for me having cold is a funny time...

take care!

and get well soon!


P.S: the picture didn't upload!

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