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IRAN: Pantea/Sophie

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sorry for the wait!

Dear Pantea,

Sorry for the wait, the last few days have been so busy! It started off with me going round my friend's house, and we were all having so much fun, that I hadn't realised that it was almost 11pm! So I stayed round hers. We had our official last day of school yesterday, so i had to return all my books etc. I was a little sad, because my school was really nice (despite the fact that it was all girls and we had to wear bottle green!) But anyway, today I am being lazy and watching shoot-em-up films to pass the time!

Congratulations for getting into your school! You must be so pleased! When do you start? I think it's awesome that you want to be a director, my cousin's boyfriend works as a camera-man and he loves the industry that he works in. I've always loved films, but I'm better at watching them than directing them (!) You should totally go for it! My favourite genres are foreign and action films I love the old Hitchcock films, and i think Quentin Tarantino is awesome. What about you?

Ah lol, so you were into Harry Potter too! I swear that half the world has read those books! i'm still a fan, I've been reading them since I was 8! I'm really into all the philisophical stuff as well. I really liked Sophie's world, I read it a few years back (firstly because my name was in the title ;-P) I read this really good book recently called the 'philosophy gym' and it's got all these little chapters about philosophy in our world today. I thought it was really interesting.

This week I've got my induction day for college (Epp!) I'm a little nervous, but I hope make a good impression.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dear Sophie,

Thanks for wishing me luck! You know, the interview was foolish yesterday! But they said they will call tomorrow (today)! And guess what! I got accepted!!! Hoooraaaa!!!! I am so so so so so happy about it! It must be great! It's really great and I am soooo happy!!!!!! so happy!

That's great! Math and physics are nice, though I really like physics more. Traveling? Sounds exciting!!! You know, you can always write beside your job. So you can always be a writer!
I know a good person, not maybe a friend, but she likes math and physics and French too. She’s going to do Business management in the university. She has to study You know, not those types in which you sit in an office and do boring accountings, but those types in which you travel like in movies!!!!

Plans for future? Sure I do…but I think, things can be very different in the real life. I mean with family. I always loved theatre. I never had a chance to do it really, just in childhood. But now, my father thinks it’s absurd. It’s no problem, but I want to study film making in the future. Even though my father says I must be an engineer. I will study math in the high school but I want to do film making in the university. I will try my best to reach this dream, who knows? Maybe I will be a director someday…

But writing is really my life. Though I don’t think I am that good in it, it’s a dream to be a writer. I’m not worried about this, because I think I’m free enough to do this! Maybe beside my job! What ever it will be.

Tolkien and H.G Wells! Sounds so nice, you know, I have this old The Lord of the rings book in my room but actually I have never read it! I watched the movie, and it was nice! But I have read Hobbits and I liked it. Not very much honestly but I think the writer said the story in the best way it could be.

Science fiction is very nice! Two years ago I was fond of these kinds of books. I still like them very much! I guess you like Harry Potter and the amazing J.K Rowling? Aw last year I was a crazy Pottery! Still I love Harry Potter. The books are very magical, and not only is the story very exciting but also it’s very meaningful. It says some meaningful things in a science fiction way and it’s very admirable!

But myself…I love all kind of books actually. I like any good book with a beautiful message; maybe The Little Prince is very very very precious to me. Maybe the other Exupery’s book…needless to say how great they are. I also like philosophic books, these days I mostly read them, they are very very interesting! Sophie’s World by Gaarder was my first experience of these sorts of books. Or the amazing Christian Bobin.

We don’t have those clubs you imagine, here. But we do. Maybe mostly sport clubs. At least around our house. I’m not in any club, no, but I’d love to. I think a theatre group is fantastic! Really fantastic! So what are you going to play? I know how nervous you are! I wish everything will go great! Just imagine there is nobody there, I know how hard it is! Good luck!

Best Wishes,


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Hey again!

Dear Pantea

Great to hear from you. I hope everything goes well in the interview! I'm sure you'll do just fine getting into the school, your English is excellent. (Probably better than mine actually! :-P I can't spell to save my life!) But good luck anyway.

As for the future, I'm not really 100% sure what I want to do when I'm older, I love maths and physics, so maybe I could do something with that, but I'd really love to be a writer at some point in my life. It's really hard to decide! like everything! I know I want to travel, and my french is alright so I'd like to work abroad at some point.

What about you? Do you have any plans for the future?

As for books, I read just about anything, though I'm a bit of a geek at heart so I love fantasy and Science fiction. My favourite writers are Tolkien and H.G Wells. What about you?

I'm off to my theatre group today, we're performing a play in a few weeks so I'm really nervous about that. I still haven't learnt all my lines! Do you do any clubs in your spare time? If so, what?

I hope everything goes well in your interview

Best wishes

Sophie xxx

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Great hearing from you!

Dear Sophie,

I am genuinely happy to see I have a post from you here! How good it is! Aw I am sure you got all great marks! Enjoy your holidays...spending time with friends is one of the most enjoyable things in the world!

My summer holidays has started yesterday. Hopefully [!] I am going to go to a new school next year, I am not sure but If I pass the interview tomorrow, I will go there! I am very excited about this new school because I really didn't like my school all these 3 years.

I bet I made many many grammer mistakes...i always make foolish mistakes! You can be my new english teacher!

My best friend has finished school last week too! Wow, I love all the subjects you are going to have, next year! Though they can be hard, I think they are very interesting! So tell me, what do you want to be in the future?

Reading is great! What kinds of books do you read? What are your favourite writers...?

Best Wishes,


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Hey Pantea! (Sorry for the wait!)

Hey Pantea!

Sorry I haven't been able to get on for so long, just after being invited my computer had a huge system faliure and we've only just been able to get back on!

I'm Sophie from London, I'm 16 years old and i've just finished school last week! It's great because I get an extra months holiday, so I can hang out with my friends and not have to worry about studying. It's weird that I don't have to revise anymore, but good weird. We're not getting our exam results for another two months, so I'm really nervous!

Next year i'm studying Further maths, English Literature, Philosophy and Phsyics at college. It's going to be hard, but hopefully I'll be OK.

I also really love writing, and write alot of poetry myself. (Not that it's very good poetry :-P) I also love reading, I'm a complete bookworm! My favourite things to do are hanging out with my friends, going shopping in London and watching DVDs.

It's really exciting to be doing this blog, so I hope to hear more from you!

Sophie xx

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